Board of Directors

Cheryl Walker
A mother of six and a full-time volunteer for Mwana Villages in the Congo. She is Lambert’s wife and chairperson of the board and co-founder of Mwana Villages. She loves working directly with people. She is passionate about ending injustice and giving children a bright future.

Maryz Grenier 
Known for her generosity and her passion for helping people. She worked for more than 10 years as a business analyst for Bell Canada. Currently, she is a conference and event planner, as well as a substitute teacher in the education system. The vision of Mwana Villages has ignited Maryz’s long-standing desire to provide avenues for children to achieve their life potential.

Cassandre McLean
A Montreal English teacher and wife and mother, she is passionate about Mwana Villages. In 2014, during her 6 week vacation from work, she went to Pointe-Noire to help with the set up of the new baby home as well as training one of our teachers. Cassandre is the secretary/treasurer of Mwana Villages and the volunteer Human Resource Director, managing the volunteers.

Lisa Douglas
A kindergarten teacher who works for the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal, Quebec, and mother of three children. She holds a BA in Education from Concordia University and has been teaching for many years. She is touched by Mwana Villages’ cause and helps to organize events and fundraisers.

Medard Gantali
Medard is a primary school French and Physical Education teacher. He is passionate about Mwana Villages because he believes in the cause and wants to do his part to help his Congolese people. Even though he left the Congo many years ago, he is still dedicated to seeing change for the children of the Congo. Medard brings cultural balance and insight as an administrator on the board.