International Team

Cheryl Walker
A mother of six and a full-time volunteer for Mwana Villages in the Congo. She is Lambert’s wife and chairperson of the board and co-founder of Mwana Villages. She loves working directly with people. She is passionate about ending injustice and giving children a bright future. 

Lambert J. Laki-Laka 
Holds an MBA from UQAM and works as a manager for a freight company. He has a passion for coaching people to reach their full potential. He is from the Congo and has a desire to make vulnerable children the future leaders of his country and is now working in the Congo and is also a volunteer for Mwana Villages.
Maryz Grenier 
Known for her generosity and her passion for helping people. She worked for more than 10 years as a business analyst for Bell Canada. Currently, she is a conference and event planner, as well as a substitute teacher in the education system. The vision of Mwana Villages has ignited Maryz’s long-standing desire to provide avenues for children to achieve their life potential. She serves on the board of directors of Mwana Villages.
Ron Thiessen
A psychologist and HR development specialist. His previous experience facilitating leadership development institutes in Africa created a lifelong interest in helping people of this continent. The opportunity to work with Mwana Villages has captivated him from the beginning, simply because it combines two areas of consuming interest: Africa and the lives of children. Ron serves as an advisor to the board of directors.
Heather Wright
An educator who is passionate about education and development. For more than seven years, she has worked with various organizations around the globe. Alongside her husband, she has developed education-based programs and believes that the priority in these programs must be sustainability.
Toma Weideman
A classically trained performance artist. He has acted in many films and plays throughout Montreal. He is also the proud creator and director of Youth Walkways, a non-profit organization aimed at providing “at-risk” students with new ways of learning through art education. Youth Walkways focuses on building responsible citizens using dance, acting, clowning and drawing as their tools. Toma is proud to be working for Mwana Villages and has always focused on the needs of others.
Gurvinder Chohan
Holds a BE and MBA. He is the director of business development in an aerospace company and has been associated with many NPOs and educational institutes. Gurvinder is also actively involved in fundraising and awareness campaigns.
Lisa Douglas
A kindergarten teacher who works for the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal, Quebec. She holds a BA in Education from Concordia University and has been teaching for many years. She is touched by Mwana Villages’ cause and helps to organize events and fundraisers. She serves on the board of directors as an administrator.
Theresa Regenstreif
A recently graduated chartered accountant. She puts her heart and soul into helping children in the world, particularly in Africa. She spent the summer of 2011 in the Congo working with children as a volunteer for Mwana Villages.

Corina Boland 
A Communications partner of Mwana Villages who holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, Theatre and Business Management. Passionate about serving and supporting spiritual and emotional wealth in others, Corina is involved with several global charities and NPOs that strive for sustainable change in the world. Corina is a proud advocate of Mwana for their transparency and unrelenting dedication to healing the world one child at a time.
Honorary Member and Advisor 
Denis St-Amour 
Recently retired as Global Chair (2004–2010) of the World Vision International Board, the largest global NPO with 40,000 employees and revenue of approximately US$3 billion with offices in 97 countries and operations in more than 100 countries, Denis has been an advisor for Mwana Villages since the beginning in 2009. With his wealth of experience travelling the world for World Vision, he has been able to contribute wise advice to the board of Mwana Villages.