National Team

Cheryl & Lambert
In 2012, Lambert and Cheryl moved to the Congo with their children so that Cheryl can work as a volunteer for Mwana Villages on the ground. Lambert works at a freight company in Pointe-Noire while Cheryl homeschools their children, manages their home and manages Mwana Villages.
Rebecca Ngoma
"I want to be a volunteer for Mwana Villages because I love God and others and I feel bad when I see people suffering and I want to share what I have with them. I want to take away people's burdens and I see what Mwana Villages is doing, supporting those who are suffering and I want to do that too."
Amour Ndouboussi
Amour has been volunteering for Mwana Villages in Pointe-Noire since the beginning. He has been a trustworthy friend of Cheryl and Lambert's since 2004 when his so was born and when Cheryl named him. He is still a dedicated, trustworthy person whose heart is in the work Mwana is doing in the Congo.
Seraphin Soumbou
Mr. Soumbou spent years working as the Education Department Director of the Congo. He handles government papers and the like. He has a wife and 5 children living with him in Pointe-Noire. He is involve in Mwana Villages because he believes it is the future for many in the Congo.

Petilla Koubindama
Petilla is single mother who has been helped in her time of need by Mwana Villages before it even became an official organization. She is a volunteer in Brazzaville, managing the help we provide to families there, because she wants to give back.